What’s A Brokerage?

Support Services Brokerages are dynamic private organizations providing high quality case management and in-home and community-based services to adult Oregonians with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD). We have been serving Oregon since 2001 and presently support nearly 8,000 people with I/DD in living independently in the community. All brokerages are governed by boards/advisory groups comprised primarily of people with I/DD and their families.

Where We Fit In

Oregon has an established commitment to serve people with I/DD where they’re at. Rather than forcing people to choose institutions, we closed them, and restructured services to expand home and community-based support dramatically. As local services have grown, so have the provider options. I/DD case management breaks down into three major categories: state case management, Community Developmental Disability Program (CDDP, often counties) case management, and brokerage case management.

State Service Coordinators serve kids with I/DD that are enrolled in the Children’s Intensive In-Home Services program.

CDDP Service Coordinators serve kids and adults in a wide range of services: Group Homes, Foster Care, In-Home, and more.

Brokerage Personal Agents were designed to serve a very targeted segment of the population: adults with I/DD choosing to live in their own or in their family homes. We’ve been working in homes and communities across Oregon for 16 years.

Our Philosophy

Everything we do is based on self-determination. What would you like on your plan? What services do you need? What services do you prefer? Who would you like to provide those services? Where would you like your services provided? It’s up to you!

No matter where you live in Oregon, there’s a Support Services Brokerage available to serve you. In some areas, there are as many as five choices! Check out the links on this website to find out which brokerage serves your region. If you’re looking to direct your plan with utmost flexibility, give us a try!