Brokerage Testimonials

“I recommend the brokerage. Depending on your goals – if you want to learn shopping, cooking, get a job, just general independent living – most people, if they can, want to live independently. Brokerage services offer that. I like how the Personal Agent keeps in contact with me but not in an overly aggressive way. They check in, let me know they’re there. If I need assistance I know I can get it. I appreciate that. It’s all about independent living. Any kind of goals you have, as a brokerage customer the structure is there to help you with that process.  You can be in control of your life and learning skills. They do a really good job with this.” – Brokerage Customer


“I am somebody now. I have a badge with my own name on it at the place that I volunteer and I am happy about it. I know that I got this because my PA helped me to get Discovery and the job developer is working hard to find me a job.” – Brokerage Customer


“I think [my brokerage does] a great job serving people with disabilities and with services… [My Personal Agent] is awesome. She understands a lot of things, how the system works and everything.” – Brokerage Customer


“The brokerage Personal Agents work really hard. They don’t treat me like a machine. I thought I would be doing life by myself, but I need help. The Personal Agents, they’ve helped me. I’ve had this job for 6 years now, and that’s really something. I feel important.” – Brokerage Customer

“[The brokerage] is highly efficient. Everything behind the scenes works. The relationship between the brokerage and the providers seems to work really well. I have never had to be involved in a billing issue. [My son] has never been turned away because papers weren’t signed. The relationship between the brokerage and the providers has been very strong.”
– Parent of a Brokerage Customer

“When [my nephew] first started…[in brokerage services] he would not interact with the other clients… but now, he loves, or interacts with, all of the people in the program and talks about who they are… he loves it.”
Family Member/Provider


“In that first visit [at the brokerage] I saw a community. Parents were obviously in supported, long-term relationships with [the brokerage] and each other. They were active in lobbying Salem legislators to obtain and protect needed services for their family members with disabilities.”Family Member/Provider


“The brokerage has given us a one-on-one case management experience in a network of other agencies and activities. It feels like a family.” – Family Member