Signing Up for Brokerage Services

“I am about to turn 18 and am currently receiving children’s services from my local CDDP. At 18, I’d like to start receiving adult services from a brokerage.”

If you’re about to age into adult services (turn 18), all you have to do is let your Service Coordinator know you’d like to receive in-home services from a local brokerage. Once you make a request to change to an available brokerage, the CDDP will prepare your file and contact your new brokerage. If you are planning to bring existing providers from your CDDP children’s services over to brokerage adult services, there is some additional planning and paperwork that will need to take place.  Once the brokerage receives all necessary paperwork to open a file, you’ll receive a call from brokerage staff and we’ll get to planning together.

So, the steps are:

  1. Choose your brokerage.
  2. Let your CDDP Service Coordinator know which brokerage you’d like to receive services from.
  3. The CDDP will contact the brokerage and send a file with basic information regarding your eligibility to the brokerage.
  4. If you have existing providers you’d like to transfer to brokerage services, there may be some paperwork or meeting requirements. The brokerage and CDDP will be in contact with you and your providers to make for a smooth transition.
  5. Your new brokerage will contact you when everything’s ready to go and will set up an initial meeting to get to know you, help you identify and record your goals and needs, and will get started with the planning process.

Other potential scenarios: