Signing Up for Services

“I’m brand new to I/DD services in Oregon and I’m not currently receiving any in-home or community based services.”

If you are brand new to I/DD services in Oregon, your first step is taking care of eligibility. In Oregon, you must have a documented intellectual or developmental disability to receive services. Eligibility takes place at the local county level. Click here to find out which Community Developmental Disabilities Program (CDDP) manages eligibility for services in your county. Give them a call and ask to speak with someone in eligibility. They’ll schedule an appointment with you to review your eligibility for I/DD services. If you’d like to see the application form you’ll need to use, click here. Over the next 90 days, the CDDP will work to determine your eligibility for services and will be responsible for providing you with choice advising – basically, sharing with you what your options are.

Please note: it’s important that you stay engaged and responsive through the eligibility process. If a CDDP isn’t getting the required documentations or meetings aren’t being met, the process can be extended an additional 90 days.

Once you’re found eligible for brokerage services, let the CDDP staff you’re working with (usually an Eligibility Specialist or a Service Coordinator) know which brokerage you’d like to receive services from. From there, the CDDP will prepare your file and contact your new brokerage. Once the brokerage receives all necessary paperwork to open a file, you’ll receive a call from brokerage staff and we’ll get to planning together!

To recap, the steps are:

  1. Call your local CDDP and schedule an eligibility meeting.
  2. Once found eligible for our services, decide which brokerage you’d like to receive services from (if you live in an area where there’s more than one brokerage), and let the CDDP know of your choice.
  3. The CDDP will contact the brokerage and send a file with basic information regarding your eligibility to the brokerage.
  4. The CDDP will inform you the transfer has been made.
  5. Your new brokerage will contact you and set up an initial meeting, helping you identify goals and needs, and will start the planning process!

Other potential scenarios: